Our mission

The goal of the team behind this site is to inform people that their account/their website has been compromised. We search publically available information on the internet for lists of hacked or compromised websites. We identify Belgian entities in this data and share it.

  • What we do

    We monitor public available information. We do not monitor your site, nor will we. We are working at a 'best effort' level and offer this information for free.

  • What can you do?

    Be aware. Don't assume that nobody cares about your data. Have your website screened by professionals. Have your network reviewed. Don't be afraid to test, and do so before some else does.

  • Why you?

    You don’t need to be large multi-national company or institution to be a valuable target. Everybody can be next.

  • Belgium

    We are passionate about security. We are Belgian security consultants. We can't save the world. We try small. We try Belgium.

Because we care

We are a bunch of volunteers, just trying to lookout for others. Trying to help. Reaching out for help.